Holy Week Prayer Walk: A Journey with Jesus

Experience a walk with Christ as He journeys from the triumphal entry to Jerusalem, to Bethany, to Gethsemane and finally to Golgotha in this Holy Week Prayer Walk. Traveling through 8 stations, one for each day of the week prior to Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, the participant has an opportunity to:

  • read scripture from the gospel of Mark for each day of the week
  • reflect on the passage
  • reenact the narrative using smell, touch, or taste, and
  • respond in prayer.

The prayer walk is a perfect activity for families with children, couples and individuals.  The activities are designed to be family-friendly and will help children and youth come to understand these key narratives about Jesus on a deeper level.  Younger children will need an adult to walk with them on the path.

Here’s a sneak peak of the stations and activities:

Clicking on the verse link will take you to the NIV text from all four gospels of that day in the life of Christ. 


SUNDAY – Palm Crosses, Mark 11:1-11


MONDAY – House of Prayer, Mark 11:15-19

fig tree

TUESDAY – Fruit, Figs and Faith, Mark 11:20-26

Mary Magdalene Anointing Jesus stained glass

WEDNESDAY-Jar of Love, Mark 14:1-9


THURSDAY- Preparing to Remember, Mark 14:12-26


FRIDAY – Scene’s of the Cross,  Mark 15:25-39


SATURDAY – The Darkness, Mark 15:42-47


SUNDAY- He is Risen, Mark 16:1-14

Want to know more?

The path guides, signs, outline of stations with needed supplies can be downloaded here. NOTE: you must be a member of this site to download this document.

Holy Week Prayer Walk


“The Walk” by Ann Weems

Give us courage, O God, to hear your word and to read our living into it.

Give us the trust to know we’re forgiven, and give us the faith to take up our lives and walk.

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