Stations of the Cross Prayer Path

The Stations of the Cross is an ancient Christian tradition that has been passed along for centuries as a powerful time of connecting with Jesus related to his final hours in human form. As you experience the Stations of the Cross, the hope is you will also experience Christ’s presence and love in a deep and meaningful way. These are not the 14 traditional Stations of the Cross, in 1991 Pope John Paul II introduced these alternate stations as the “Scriptural” Stations of the Cross since all the stations have a Biblical reference.

Attached are 16 signs with inspiring artwork by Ray DeLeon, scriptural references for each station, a guidebook with actives and prayer or contemplation and a coordinating coloring book for children.

The Stations of the Cross is an interactive experience that takes you step-by-step with Jesus on His journey to the cross. This Guide will instruct you on what to do at each station. Please take a moment to read the following guidelines before beginning.

Please remain quiet and respectful of others during this time.

Each station will have artwork by Roy DeLeon and a coordinating scripture passage. The guide will provide a MAP (Meditation, Activity and Prayer) for each station.

  • Take time to reflect on the art.
  • Read the passages on the poster.
  • Follow any instructions for that station in this guide.
  • Conclude with the given prayer in the guide.

At each station, seek to enter into the event as fully as possible. Picture the event in your mind, feel the emotions, bring all of who you are, your concerns, struggles, fears, and feelings, into the scene. Try to answer the question, “Where do I fit in this scene?”

At some stations, there will be an activity. Others will simply involve meditation and reflection. Every station will involve prayer.

The pdf may be downloaded below…